terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2009


Essa vai com dedicatória ao amigo jP: que sua filha seja capaz de aguardar pelo segundo marshmallow!

A researcher then made Carolyn an offer: she could either eat one marshmallow right away or, if she was willing to wait while he stepped out for a few minutes, she could have two marshmallows when he returned.


Once Mischel began analyzing the results, he noticed that low delayers, the children who rang the bell quickly, seemed more likely to have behavioral problems, both in school and at home. They got lower S.A.T. scores. They struggled in stressful situations, often had trouble paying attention, and found it difficult to maintain friendships. The child who could wait fifteen minutes had an S.A.T. score that was, on average, two hundred and ten points higher than that of the kid who could wait only thirty seconds.

Abaixo, o link para o artigo publicado na The New Yorker deste mês. Quem não tiver paciência de ler tudo, o ótimo Radiolab abordou o mesmo tema (aliás, o mesmo jornalista entrevistando o mesmo pesquisador) algumas semanas antes, em março, em um curto episódio de 15 minutos (eu recomendo comer ambos estes deliciosos marshmallows!).

The secret of self-control.
by Jonah Lehrer | The New Yorker | May 18, 2009

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